# OmniOS Documentation As of April 2017, OmniTI has suspended active development of OmniOS (see the announcement in [omnios-discuss](https://lists.omniti.com/pipermail/omnios-discuss/2017-April/008699.html)). The community has come together to release [OmniOS Community Edition](https://www.omniosce.org). OmniOSce is the future of OmniOS. * Latest downloads * Stable: [ISO](http://omnios.omniti.com/media/OmniOS_Text_Stable_latest.iso), [USB](http://omnios.omniti.com/media/OmniOS_Text_Stable_latest.usb-dd), [PXE](http://omnios.omniti.com/media/OmniOS_Kayak_Stable_latest.zfs.bz2) * LTS: [ISO](http://omnios.omniti.com/media/OmniOS_Text_LTS_latest.iso), [USB](http://omnios.omniti.com/media/OmniOS_Text_LTS_latest.usb-dd), [PXE](http://omnios.omniti.com/media/OmniOS_Kayak_LTS_latest.zfs.bz2) * [Installation](Installation) - How to install OmniOS. * [Release Notes](ReleaseNotes) - Release-specific information. * [Release Cycle](ReleaseCycle) - Releases and their update schedules * [Freezing](GeneralAdministration#StayingOnARelease) - How to remain on a previous release * [Inter-release Planning](Intervals) - Work that happens between releases * [Admin Guide](GeneralAdministration) - How to run OmniOS. * [VirtualBox Notes](VirtualBoxNotes) - Known issues when running under [Oracle VM VirtualBox](https://www.virtualbox.org/) * [VMware Notes](VMwareNotes) - Getting OmniOS running under VMware products. * [EC2 How-to](Ec2Ami) - Creating an EC2 AMI * [Dev Environment](DevEnv) - Getting a basic development environment set up * [Man Page Sections](ManSections) - Locations of documentation * [Reporting Bugs](BugReports) - How to report issues * [Build Instructions](BuildInstructions) - How to build OmniOS. * [Preparing release media](ReleaseMedia) - How to create the release media * [Doing a Weekly Release](WeeklyReleaseHowto) - How to prepare a weekly release * [Vagrant Baseboxes](VagrantBaseboxes) - Creating a Vagrant base box for OmniOS. * [The Mission](OmniOSJeOS) - Producing a self-hosting, stripped-down OS for production deployments. * [Keep Your S**t To Yourself](KYSTY) - Embracing a minimalist principle * [Packaging](Packaging) - Details on where OmniOS packages live and how we make them. * [Creating Repos](CreatingRepos) - Everything Lives in a Repo so here is how to create one. * [More Info](MoreInfo) - Links to external sources of additional information. ## Join the Conversation * IRC: #omnios and #illumos on Freenode * [OmniOS-discuss](http://lists.omniti.com/mailman/listinfo/omnios-discuss) - general discussion mailing list (no longer maintained) * [illumos mailing lists](http://wiki.illumos.org/display/illumos/illumos+Mailing+Lists) * [OmniOSce - The Future of OmniOS](https://www.omniosce.org)